So in other words, Disfiguring The Goddess have a brand new song “Circle Of Nine” streaming over at MetalSucks from a new untitled album coming out this March and it sounds exactly like you think it should: slamming and brutal. For lack of better words, obviously. And while the production is average at best, the song itself is actually pretty good, the strange synth/string section near the middle actually gives the song a bit of character and the riffs really remind me of early Suffocation.

Really, I’ve never enjoyed DTG that much but this is a huge step up for them, so I will definitely will give the new album at least a couple of listens. Plus, it’s a Sergeant D. article so you’re bound to come away from it confused and somewhat angry. The article also contains an interview with Big Chocolate himself and a couple of his Dubstep/Electronic tracks too which, in true YouTube comment style, are filthier than a filthy Justin Beiber filth ‘Your Mum’ filth… and are actually actually quite good if you enjoy that sort of music.


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