Our Color Green

01. All Good Junkies Go To Heaven
02. Jesus Glue
03. Natural Born Farmer
04. Stars
05. (You Think You’re) John Fucking Lennon


God damn, Glassjaw. God damn. Eight years it’s been. You blow my ever-loving mind and then nothing. You don’t write. You don’t call. Not even a fucking e-mail. I hear a few bootlegs here and there, but it’s not the same; I can’t live off that little. How dare you?

You did put out that EP five years ago. It was amazing. I hoped against hope you’d come back to me – but you crushed me again. What, did you think you were too good for me? That Head Automatica slut have something I didn’t?

You know I saw you about year ago. You rocked up to Portsmouth; all self-important swagger and self-confident arrogance. You couldn’t even be bothered to bring a support act. I still loved every second, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

You ain’t all that.

Fuck it; yes you are. You’re stunning. So what if I’ve heard most of these songs before – I love it that you cared enough to gift-wrap them all up for me, even if it is just digitally.

You’ve still got that groove you always used to have. There’s never been anything particularly complex about the music that you write, but that ain’t the point and we both know it. It’s about a feeling. You have fury, you have rhythm, and you have effortless style. How can I withstand that?

I’m ashamed to admit it, but what I used to love most about you was that deliciously chauvinistic streak. I know it’s wrong, but lines like “I need to need to, I need to own you to know I want you” just floor me. How do you make something like that sound so sexy? It’s the “as long as your mouth is shut, you’ll still be fucking beautiful” line from “Hotel of the White Locust” all over again. You’ve not ‘grown out’ of that, and I’m so glad. It wouldn’t work from anyone else, and it’s all because of Daryl. I could lay that guy’s voice and it would feel so right.

Everything just meshes into one diverse package of raw, passionate beauty, and although you’ve burned me before I still love you with a passion. Just stay longer this time, okay?

Glassjaw – Our Color Green gets:


– CG

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