Being ever so subtle and cryptic, Between the Buried and Me linked to the Wikipedia entry for Parallax, which is apparently the proper scientific explanation for why things in the foreground seem to move by faster than the background when you’re driving down the road or how things appear in different positions depending upon where you stand. I’ve simplified it a bit, but you get the basic idea.

This is pretty interesting, as Tommy is apparently still on a lyrical kick revolving around human perception; 2009’s The Great Misdirect‘s “Mirrors” and “Obfuscation” had lyrics dealing with change blindness, another visual phenomenon. With this in mind, Parallax definitely sounds BTBAMmy.

Enough of all this speculation (even though I’m probably right and you know it). BTBAM’s new EP will be available at some point early this year, and is guaranteed to be awesome as always.

– JR

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