“Eh what? What the bloody pip is this? You must be getting woggly in the old noggin, chum,” I hear you say, “you told us about these chaps earlier in the week old boy!”.

WRONG, OLD BEAN! That’s right; I have pulled off the nigh-impossible and found two bands with the same name. Surely this has never happened before and this will cause a rift in the space-time whotsamajiggy!

Well, throwing caution and our impending doom at the hands of some sort of black hole to the wind, I present to you Heights….again!


This alternate-dimension version are a three-piece progressive rock band from Berkshire. Apart from being totally awesome, their drummer is none other than Jay Postones from TesseracT.

They’ve been fairly prolific in their four years, and have two full-length albums: Salvation & Trepidation (2008) and From Sea To Sky (2010) as well as a 2-track demo from somewhere between the two. It’s some pretty cool stuff; a lot mellower than the first of this week’s bands.

– CG

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