You know, I was never into The Human Abstract before, despite everyone telling me I should have been. Last.fm kept them on my recommendations list indefinitely, what with me taking a liking to progressive metalcore like Protest the Hero and Between the Buried and Me. But now with AJ back and a better vocalist, THA’s upcoming album Digital Veil is looking like it will be their best work yet, and the two songs released so far have me hooked.

The group’s new song, “Patterns” (above and on their facebook page), is definitely a haunting track, capturing my attention and repeated listens more than “Faust.” That doesn’t make “Faust” a bad song (it’s actually an excellent track, listen after the jump if you’ve never heard it), it’s just that I dig this new song a bit more. I am excited for this more than I thought I would be.

Digital Veil will be out March 9th on E1 Music. It will be awesome.

– JR



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