Believe it or don’t; I’m not even sure I do. I’ve been burned before, but with the recent release of Our Color Green I’m feeling better than ever.

For the encore of their recent New York show, Glassjaw premiered five (yes FIVE!) new tracks from their upcoming album/EP – something they claim will be released early this year. They even named said tracks:

Black Nurse” (originally “Wolfegg)
Gold” (original working title “FloGold”)
Vanilla Poltergeist Snake” (named by Daryl at the show)
Miracles In Inches” (named by Daryl at the show)
Stations Of The New Cross” (confirmed by Manny on

Gold” is even streaming over at, as of Januarry 11th (why does nobody tell me these things?). I don’t care if they’ve burned me before (something I’ll go into in detail in our Our Color Green review later this week) – I’m really fucking excited for this.

– CG

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