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01. Solitaire
02. El Sentido Morboso

[Triceratrax | 10/15/10 ]

Take a dose of Black Sabbath, throw in The Sword, and add a dabble of Clutch, Neurosis and Sleep, and you got yourself Romero. Formed in 2009 and hailing from Wausau, Wisconsin, Romero are a blend of stoner/rock and good old fashioned doom metal. Many thanks to Alkahest for bringing this band to my attention, and I couldn’t be all the more pleased, for now I have another stoner/doom metal band to listen too and another band to add to my collection.

Founding member Jeffery Mundt from such bands as Thug and Naked Aggression, has often thought about fronting his own band, but never pursued it seriously. It wasn’t until moving to Northern Wisconsin, acquiring a bass player through craigslist, and an 8 month writing/recording session (where Mundt handled vocals, guitar and drums) that Romero was born. Upon creating a demo and using it as a way to acquire a drummer, it turns out that drummer & vocalist Ben Brooks found out about them and quickly joined the ranks before even hearing how they sounded. And luckily for the band, he liked what he heard. Now with a completed band, Romero started playing shows locally, but in no time they were touring nationwide with other stoner/doom and rock heavyweights such as Jucifer, Weedeater, Clutch and Black Label Society, just to name a few.

One look at the album art and you instantly get the vibe of impending doom that’s about to welcome itself upon that ship, in this case, a monstrous wave. And that’s basically Romero, a crushing, dominating wave of sound upon the listener. Their latest endeavor, Solitaire, contains two songs, “Solitaire” and “El Sentido Morboso”, and if you think that isn’t enough to wet your appetite, you are sadly mistaken. Combining elements of doom, sludge, drone and rock, these songs offer a deep resonating sound that instantly triggers your head to nod back and fourth uncontrollably. It’s a fact, it happened to me.

The EP opens with “Solitaire”, a six and half minute punch to the gut, with it’s slow, low-tuned guitars creating a thick atmosphere which is then combined with drone-like vocals, reminiscent of bands like Sleep and Neurosis, but also at times having qualities akin to The Sword. The music harkens back to the days of Black Sabbath, so it has that classic sound to it right from the get go. Think of the beginning to “War Pigs” and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. The second track, “El Sentido Morboso” picks up the pace a bit, being more rock oriented with a bit of groove, but not to the point as to where it comes off like a different band. It’s still doom and it’s still rocks. I can’t help but think of Clutch at certain times when I listen to this song.

Based on the fact that I’ve only heard a few of their songs and how quickly I’ve become a fan of Romero, I can only wait with bated breath for a full-length. And if it’s anything like Solitaire, I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Be sure to check out their bandcamp page, where they’re offering their EP, which contains a bonus song, “Angry Rider”, for only a few bucks. It’s a small price to pay for such a large amount of sound.

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