I like to sign up to bands’ Facespace page when I do a post about them, so I can shamelessly brown nose them and get their fans to come and look at our little blue slice of interturd. It helps with readship numbers, which in turn drops a couple of extra pennies in the Heavy Blog coffers.

Often this leads to annoyance on my part though. Bands, as you’d expect, use their pages to tell fans stuff and promote new merch etc. Some seem to have targeted tourettes in this area and won’t stop fucking spamming my wall with messages like “hurhur derp we dun a vidya of our song innit” (just kidding Hayato!).

On this one occasion, however, doing so has come up cropper – and in fact it’s today’s Best of British No Made Sense who provided this link.

It goes to a post on the band’s blog. It’s. Fucking. Hilarious. It deals with living in London, and some awesome places to visit when there (may or may not be real…). An excerpt:

This pub is situated on a tugboat in Camden. It’s like any other pub except they don’t do crisps, or lager, or beermats, and it’s a tugboat. Also there is a man on the tugboat and he doesn’t like me because I wee’d on the side of his tugboat last month and now he shouts at me when I see him I don’t like tugboats anymore. His tugboat smells of wee.

So is the rest of the blog in fact – I was giggling covertly (I skive off at work; so what?) for a good while. British readers may get more of the humour, but it’s so worth the read anyway. There aren’t many entries, so go knock yourself out for half an hour.

– CG


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