Thorun EP

01. Buried Under 15 Tonnes of Rubble
02. Look Mom! I Made A Death Machine
03. Cow Smashed In To Meat
04. Here Come The Robots
05. We Have Reached Critical Mass


We here at Heavy Blog are lucky enough to have a variety of musical outfits send in music asking for our, evidently learned and trustworthy, opinion. One such group was Cardiff-based unsigned instrumental Stoner-Metal act Thorun and being a huge fan of the genre I leapt upon the opportunity to check out their material (which can be downloaded freely at this location!).

Their demo comprises of 5 tracks, all around 5 minutes in length and with track titles very reminiscent of the naming aesthetic I would associate with many post-rock acts (Mogwai being the example that springs to mind). It is, I feel, strongly to Thorun’s credit that they have, in a short release, very clearly defined their sound. It’s all what you would imagine, crushing distorted and bass-heavy guitar tones, with a thundering rhythm section. With the thick fuzz on the guitars synonymous with the genre, serving to accentuate the prominent and clear-mixed drum tracks.

It is always a bold-step for a band to opt to go sans-vocals and I feel in the case of Thorun, the effect is a bit hit and miss. The music is powerful enough to stand on its own, I have no doubt, but I feel a lack of variety stems their progress. Of the 5 tracks on the EP, I feel it is only the closer that demonstrates real variety in tone and mood, the rest of the record having a strong feeling of consistency, which can unfortunately border on monotony. If you are in the mood for low tempo, brooding sludge then Thorun delivers in droves but when you’re relying solely on instrumentation, there needs to be some clear differentiation in ideas to keep the listener engaged.

The riffing is solid; the production suits the music to a tee and for what I imagine to be their first major release, it certainly suggests they could develop into something exceptional. It is unfortunate that I can’t shake the feeling that a deep booming growl could strongly bolster much of their output but I feel further experimentation with more varied song-writing could quickly eliminate such concerns. It is far from a bad release and I would urge any fans of the genre to check out Thorun on MySpace and download their EP for free right here.

Thorun – Thorun EP gets


– TC


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