This is the first Blogcast that we’ve taken part in so far this year! Hurray!

We have the usual suspects in Quigs and I as well as the help from our friends Sawyer Hildebrandt and Brent Petrie. We ended up discussing (among other things) instrumental music and a bit of nu-metal(?!). But hey, at least we didn’t start talking about porn and penises!

Oh, wait…

Here’s the playlist:

Katatonia – Forsaker
The Mire – The Rift
In Flames – Disconnected
Devin Townsend – ZTO
Oceansize – Build Us A Rocket Then…
Ihsahn – The Barren Lands
Deftones – Rocket Skates

Listen to and download the podcast below!

TNOTBlogcast – Episode 31

– JR


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