The PRP have been busy reporting news about the upcoming Scion Rock Fest, and like the musical vulture that I am (think The Beatles’ cameo in The Jungle Book, only less Mancunian and more distortion) I’ve compiled what I can find here for you in one bite-sized place – so if we’re carrying on the vulture analogy it’s about proportionate to some kind of small rodent. Yummy.

LA Weekly has confirmed the Fox Theater and the Glasshouse in Pomona, CA as the simultaneous venues for the event, which will take place on 5th March, which is a Saturday! Hurrah!

The line-up is only rumoured at the moment, but there are some serious gems if they’re true. We’ve got the likes of:

Morbid Angel, Obituary, Death Angel, Municipal Waste, Agalloch, Integrity, Bastard Noise, Atheist, Floor, Black Breath, NAILS, Primate, Crom, Wormrot, Kvelertak, Necrite, Woe, Fuck The Facts, Bonded By Blood and Christian Mistress.

Whew. Given that they’re officially releasing their debut in America on 15th March (through The End Records), it’d be a safe bet to say Kvelertak will at least be in the country. As for the other; if you get even 50% of those you should consider yourselves lucky. Bitchin’ lineup.

Maybe more details if/when we get them.

– CG


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