The Mire

Volume: II

01. The Nobleman
02. Shadows
03. The Rift
04. Curse Variations
05. Wheelwalker
06. Fears

[Eyesofsound | 12/13/10]

It’s no secret that we here at Heavy Blog share what is (for the most part) a common love for all things post and progressive. Perhaps a bit too much, some might say; but we’re here to talk about music we love, and that just happens to be in the realm of progressive metal. Way back when my current main man and Heavy Blog editor Disinformatiya first joined, the first thing I can recall him doing is turning me on to a band called The Mire, a relatively new post-metal band born out of the ashes of Bossk and Centurion. He had linked me a copy of their debut EP, Volume: I. While it was a great listen, the extremely short length of two tracks left much to be desired. I promised myself that I’d keep an eye out for Volume: II, as the band had a promising sound.

The year then flew by without the band being so much as a blip on my radar—until December, that is. I had just barely missed the release; I had found the band on Facebook to see that they had released Volume: II a few days prior. Great timing on my part, given the fact that I had completely forgotten their existence.

Volume: II is an expansion of Volume: I, bringing four brand new tracks to the table. The Mire have a very unique sound when compared to other big names in the genre. The songs seem more tightly packed with the longest song just barely six and a half minutes, but it all works in the allotted time. The vocalist/guitarist Robin Urbino is to thank for much of what make The Mire such a stand-out band with his bellowing screams and beautiful singing. A lot of post-metal/sludge vocalists tend to have a samey sound, but he avoids the trap with melancholic hooks and vocal harmonies that truly set the band apart from their contemporaries. His singing style captures a tortured yet serene atmosphere that has been set up in music.

“The Nobleman” opens up Volume: II with piano with austere guitar and string orchestration accompanying Urbino’s wistful singing, foreboding to the air to come. This track leads directly into the highlight track “Shadows,” which sports huge sludgy riffs and a haunting chorus. “The Rift” carries a groove that mirrors Cloudkicker‘s approach at riffing, leading me to believe that if Mr. Sharp found the right vocalist, I wouldn’t be so upset.

Separating the newer material and the songs that appeared on Volume: I is “Curse Variations”, an instrumental piece similar to the opening track with piano and strings, only this time the mood is a bit more optimistic and fast-paced. “Wheelwalker” is a bit more lumbering of a track than it’s predecessors on the tracklist, with the final track “Fears” being a bit more straightforward in nature while perfectly defining the band’s sound and despite being an older track, is a fitting end to Volume: II in its mood and subject matter.

This time around, The Mire do good to offer more up on our plates with a bigger portion since Volume: I. While they’re still leaving much to be desired, the tensions are being built up to a full length release which simply cannot come soon enough. Not the most original band in post-metal, but they are doing almost everything right. While they keep songs relatively short for the genre, it’d be nice to hear them pull out a lengthier song and give some breathing room. Even still, The Mire have got to be one of the best bands up-and-coming in the genre, with a future full of potential. I can’t wait to hear more.

The Mire – Volume: II gets…


– JR

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