According to the Chicago Sun-Times Jef Whitehead, more widely known as Wrest of Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice, Twilight, Sunn O))), Von Goat and Nachtmystium was arrested for allegedly severely beatitng his girlfriend of 26 years of age and then molesting her with tattoo equipment from his parlor. Allegedly, Jef choked her then knocked her unconscious by heating her head against a wall and then attacked her with scissors and molested her with his tattooing tools while she was unconscious. Supposedly she woke up and was knocked out again and left in the street. There has been no real information on this so whether it’s real or not so who knows, but word between Jef’s friends is that his girlfriend has tried to get him arrested by injuring herself before.

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Also, let the puns fly.


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