The always on-the-ball Got-Djent is hosting a fan Q&A forum with up and coming progressive metal band Tesseract, and in the midst of it all, they ended up squeezing a release date out of them for their much anticipated debut album, One.

Drummer Jay Postones spilled the beans, as it were:

…stick March 22nd in your diary, book the day off work and warn your neighbours as that’s when One will be dropping. CM will make an announcement later this week about it all.

This is much sooner than I expected! You can count me as excited, as Concealing Fate was an excellent EP; it was one of my favorites from last year as well, despite it not making my best-of list.

What is there to expect from One, besides “Concealing Fate“? You can hear a rip of the song “Lament” below!


One is due out March 22nd on Century Media.

– JR

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