Heavy Blog reader Chelsea Seal attended the November UK headlining tour for Austrailian metalcore act Parkway Drive. She sent us a review of the show, below, and we were happy to share it. Thanks Chelsea!

After waiting through 6 bands before the main headliner, the crowd appeared to be exhausted and have nothing left to give. But before they come onto the stage, the entire crowd is chanting their name, everyone clearly eager to see their favourite band.

As the intro track “Samsara” started to play, the crowd goes insane and the shouts and screams once again seem to be all they have left. “Samsara”’s sound over the P.A is distinctly the haunting sound that Parkway Drive shows through most if not all of their songs. But when Parkway Drive hit the stage, the entire crowd is woken up and filled with a sudden burst of energy, everyone is jumping and screaming. As the band kick into “Unrest” they have an air of confidence, knowing that the Manchester crowd are going to give as much as they get.

“Unrest” gets a good response, but nothing compared to their classic “Idols and Anchors” from the album Horizons, which sounds just as anthemic live as it does on the album. Before the vocals even start, the crowd is singing along with the guitar melody louder than the guitar itself, which creates an amazing atmosphere. They follow this with another off the same album, “The Siren Song,” which brings the tempo up and with that brings a lot of crowd surfers over the barrier.

They then play the song that everyone knows them for and everyone has been waiting all night for; “Romance Is Dead”. But they play it with a twist. A teenager from France in the front row has been holding a banner all night saying he can play the song on drums and the banner was asking if he could play it with them. Sure enough, in front of a lot of very jealous drummers in the room, they get security to drag him out of the crowd and give him the chance to play the drums there and then for them. He does a spectacular job considering his age and the fact he is playing with his favourite band in front of about 2,000 people, maybe even more.

“Dead Man’s Chest” is the next song to burst through the P.A. which keeps the tempo up and the crowd jumping. The breakdown in this song brings the entire crowd together as they chant ‘all hell breaks loose!’ and proceed to let all hell break loose in the venue.

They continue to play some newer songs off their latest album Deep Blue, which aren’t taken as well as the older ones. But when they come back out to play the encore with a new stage set of palm trees, the audience accepts the last two classics “Carrion” and “Boneyards” and gives everything they have left, dancing, jumping, crowd surfing, and screaming along with every word.

For the duration of these last two songs, Parkway turns the venue into an Australian beach, or at least as close as you can get in Manchester Academy. They throw massive blow up beach balls into the crowd, and even the drummer crowd surfs, going across the crowd in a rubber dinghy. All in all, another amazing set by Parkway Drive, and from the crowd’s reaction, you’d think they’d been away from Manchester for years, not playing in the exact same venue only 7 months ago.

– CS

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