Everyone’s favorite Canadian, Devin Townsend, uploaded rehearsal audio for Ki‘s “Terminal” in preparation for his appearance at the upcoming NAAM conference. You can stream this slice of Heaven below.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/8941143″]

Devin comments, “This is a recording done in Dave’s basement the other day for the NAMM show next week. We recorded it on a Zoom HN4 handheld recorder, and we had to be quiet because Dave’s roommate was sleeping. Kat Epple, flute, is playing with us at the Namm show and I’m thrilled about that. Anyways… here’s where rehearsals for the quiet project are at. Enjoy! Dev.”

Exciting! It’s a shame NAMM is an industry-only event, as there’s always something cool going on. But it’s nice of Devin to share this with us; it lets us know that the musicians attached to Ghost are definitely tight together. I bet Dave’s roommate slept like a baby while this was playing. Lucky bastard.

Ghost and Deconstruction are due out sometime later this year, and they’re both going to be excellent.

– JR


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