War from a Harlot’s Mouth


01. Insomnia
02. To Age And Obsolete
03. The Increased Sensation Of Dullness
04. Sleep Is The Brother Of Death
05. The Polyglutamine Pact
06. Cancer Man
07. C.G.B. Spender
08. Sugarcoat
09. Spineless
10. Recluse MMX
11. Inferno III/IV

[Lifeforce | 11/09/10]

I actually planned on reviewing this album earlier, but due to some medical complications I wasn’t able to. Then the 2010 list came about, and it had actually fallen under my radar. And I regret that it did, because I would’ve exchanged one of my selections for this one. To be honest, I had a hard time staying interested in War From A Harlot’s Mouth earlier work In Shoals. My main complaint at the time was the fact that In Shoals lacked the consistent intensity throughout for me to want to continue listening to it past the beginning tracks. Fast forward to their latest album, MMX, and things have certainly changed in respect to maintaining the energy. As for consistency, this is still a point of criticism which I’ll explain later.

If I was to describe War From A Harlot’s Mouth, I would say that they’re an experimental hardcore band. Specifically, MMX delivers the more raw angrier sounds of hardcore with splashes of jazz and progressive riffs throughout. Anyone who listened to their previous work will recognize MMX as a bit of a shift in sound, as the newest album sounds markedly more extreme right from the get-go with the first track “Insomnia.” Paul’s drumming really helps establish this intensity, and doesn’t let up for the entire album.

The second track, “To Age And Obsolete” highlights my criticism of consistency with this album. Specifically, this track opens chaotic and fierce with some nice chugging as well, but also includes a jazzy interlude. The interlude doesn’t sound bad, but after repeated listens it just never sounds right in context to the overall song structure. For me, it more or less becomes a point of distraction. By contrast, track nine is practically the opposite where I can’t imagine anything else but a jazz-laden interlude serving as a flawless transition into some heavy chugging and screaming.

With the exception of a couple tracks losing their consistency, everything else works great on this album. I said angry before, and I’ll say it again. Songs like “Recluse MMX” and the aforementioned “Insomnia” and “Spineless” are relentless with frontman Nico barking in vehement unison of bounce-worthy breakdowns. It’s headbang-inducing; it’s awesome. “Sleep Is The Brother Of Death” and “Sugar Coat” are a couple of  nice jazzy instrumentals, with
the latter being more atmospheric serving as an intermission for the entire album. Track six, “Cancer Man” pretty much highlights the type of proggy and groovier riffs laced between various songs, only coming in as a stand-alone 53 second instrumental. “Inferno III/IV” , the last track, is also worth mentioning for the simple fact of the satanic sounding voice distortion used towards the end. It sounds like pure evil, fits the song title, and closes the album nicely.

Despite my complaints, MMX certainly grew on me and holds a firm spot in my album collection. If you’re looking for what I can best describe as the hostile bastard child of The Chariot’s intensity and the groove found in Ion Dissonance’s Minus The Herd with a sprinkle of jazz, give this once a listen.

War from a Harlot’s Mouth – MMX gets…



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