So I’m fucking stoked for the Abysmal Dawn, The Human Abstract, and Omnium Gatherum records to bless my ears this winter.  And then I realized, “Damn. I’m short on material.”  I was thinking about a “Guilty Pleasures” article, but figured I’d save that for a later date.  I was inspired by Gein’s new article on Songs I Like by Bands I Don’t, and figure I’d chime in again with some more bands I can’t listen to except for that certain gem.  So let’s do this!

After The Burial – Berzerker

Beast Vocals.  Shreddy guitar.  Monstrous drums.  On paper, I should be obsessed with this band.  But I’m not.  And I have no idea why.  I’ve tried to get into Rareform and In Dreams forever, but I never have gotten myself to like them, except for the incredible song “Berzerker”.  The way the song is constructed always get me.


Enslaved – Ethica Odini

I can’t say that I am a fan of black metal.  Save for a few choice albums, like Agollach‘s Marrow of the Spirit, I stray from anything blackened. Enslaved is no different.  “Ethica Odini” is a masterpiece, but I’ve failed to enjoy anything else by them, which is a bummer, because they are extremely talented.


Abandon All Ships – Family Goretrait

Everything about this bands irritates me.  I just love this song for some reason, because is it everything they are not.  The intro reminds me of a cheap Dimmu Borgir, and this song features everybody’s favorite Canadian atheistic progressive metal vocalist, Rody Walker!


Metallica – One

Metallica.  The definition of overrated, in my humble opinion.  I really can’t listen to them, despite numerous friends trying a myriad of ways to get me to like them.  I don’t really like thrash in general.  But “One” is a masterpiece.  Whether it is the beautiful intro, or the pounding drums, or the solo near the end, this song just gets me.


Viraemia – Cancrum Oris

This band is fucking talented, but I despise their music.  They have the songwriting ability of Brain Drill.  However, when they craft actual songs, like “Cancrum Oris”, it’s brilliant. Viraemia— write more shit like this and I’ll love you.  Until then, you’re a one hit wonder with me.



Necrophagist – Extreme Unction

Told you.  Like After The Burial, I should like this band on paper.  But I can’t bring myself to like them.  I need to remedy this.  Because I really want to like them, I just can’t.  I listened to both Onset of Putrefaction and Epitaph, and never found anything except for “Extreme Unction.” The riff is catchy as hell, and the solo blows my mind.  I fucking love Muhammed Suicmez as a player and dude, but the music has never gotten me.  Again, help me remedy this!  Oh, and this is the live version, which I feel is better than the studio version.


– GR

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