By browsing through my library and surfing YouTube on a cold, rainy day in Houston, I have stumbled across more bands that fit this list! And what better way to spend the early part of this shitty evening (generally speaking, that is – I fucking love rain) than writing on Heavy Blog Is Heavy! I mean, I could go play Super Meat Boy or Demon’s Souls, but fuck that. I don’t need to break my face because of those games more than I already have. Without further adieu, part 2!

Sybreed – Electronegative

Oh, Sybreed, the mixed vibes you send me so often. It’s hard to quantify where my dislike comes from. Whatever the reason is, Sybreed has always been a meh band. Whenever they released The Pulse of Awakening, I decided to give them another shot. My opinion should be clear of what I thought so I’ll spare the mini-review and just say the only track I really liked was “Electronegative.” The riffs throughout are kick ass and that instrumental middle section is killer. I seem to not be alone in the thought that this is the best song on the album:


Swallow the Sun – Psychopath’s Lair

Swallow the Sun walks up to the plate. The pitcher stares them down before receiving the call from the catcher. With a swift motion, the pitcher throws a fast ball at blazing speed, causing Swallow the Sun to preemptively swing in a knee-jerk manner.


Descending into baseball analogies may not be the most clever, but certainly the most accurate. Time and time again this band shows to me that doom metal rarely fits my palette. And yet, this track does something. The riff is just so monstrous and the tone is dreary and depressing.  Unfortunately, everything else they’ve mustered up falls short by a long shot and thus their spot on my list is well-deserved.


Mnemic – Within; Orbiting

More industrial metal you say? Mnemic, unlike Sybreed, have an excellent vocalist, but the problem lies within the orbiting of their songwriting around Planet Inconsistency. However, these 2 tracks off their most recent effort Sons of the System, deliver powerful choruses and good riffs, however nu-metally they may or may not sound. They’re ultimately fun to listen to and that’s all I give a fuck about.



Five Star Prison Cell – Deloris

Now here’s a band who disappointed me on such a colossal level. I don’t remember how I found this song, but after hearing it I was happy with how fucking awesome it was and decided to check out the album it was on, Slaves of Virgo. And, well, the album sucked. Nothing grabbed my attention like this song. I don’t know if their new album is any different, or if any older material (if any) is good, but man what a disappointment. Nevertheless, this song is good in a psychotic kind of way. Mathcore is good times.


Dimmu Borgir – Progenies of the Great Apocalypse

I heard this song when I was much younger and the fucking clean vocals in the middle got me so much. As you know (or should), I’m not big on black metal. With the exception of Keep of Kalessin and the recently introduced Ihsahn and Enslaved (thanks Alkahest!), the genre does nothing for me. I mean, I get this isn’t 100% tr00 kvlt black metal and all, but whatever. I’ve checked out a lot of Dimmu Borgir’s material and I didn’t like it at all compared to this. The symphonic stuff (something I also detest) is really cool.  So, as a result, this remains the only Dimmu Borgir song that I can listen to.


Arch Enemy – Enemy Within; Burning Angel

Chick vocalist sounding like a dude? Lolwut? Well, she’s not terrible. And hey, their music isn’t abysmal either. It’s just poorly written a lot of the times. But “Enemy Within”, though, is just baller to the max. The intro is sweet, the riffs drive the vocals forward and it has a nice solo.


And then there’s “Burning Angel” which is rifftacular. It brings me to the days of old In Flames (though not as good). The lead is really inviting and the vocals are catchy (something she does an O.K. job of on most songs). Unfortunately, these are the only two songs I enjoy by Arch Enemy. They have songwriting issues (in my opinion, obviously).

Apparently, 46 people agree with me that this is Arch Enemy’s best song during the Angela era:


And that’s all folks for this post. Not as rage inducing or what the fuck as my last one, but I’m sure there’s some other bands I dislike that some people will shit their pants about in a future article. Not that I’m proud of it or anything.



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