Progressive rock band Children of Nova have been dominating my listening habits the past few days ever since fellow HBIH writer and Kentuckian Gunnar (DeusExMachina) brought them up in casual conversation. He was apparently shocked that he enjoyed a band I haven’t heard of before, as I troll through the internets a tad bit more than he does, so he gave them a glowing recommendation.

The name Children of Nova looked familiar to me, but I wasn’t quite sure until I looked up their name on YouTube; apparently, they have songs on the Rock Band Network, which I regularly peruse because I’m apparently much more comfortable and interested smacking a fake drum kit and playing make believe than working on my oft-neglected music project. But that’s neither here nor there.

Children of Nova come from a breed of neo-prog with a sound drawing comparisons to bands like Karnivool and The Mars Volta while maintaining their own sound and style. The band’s strongest suit seems to be their excellent vocalist soaring over the soundscapes with a high falsetto that could put many women to shame. There are also hooks and melodies everywhere to make the music as memorable and catchy as it is interesting.

The band currently has one EP titled The Complexity of Light, released back in 2009. It’s a bit of a concept album, as it revolves around the confrontation between darkness and light. The band plans to release their full-length debut album this fall, effectively giving me something else to get really excited over.

Here’s the title track from The Complexity of Light. After the song is over, promptly click through to YouTube and listen to the rest of the EP. It is most fantastic!


– JR

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