01. Genesis
02. Lux Aeterna
03. Erebos
04. Quintessence Of Higher Suffering
05. Trinity Moons
06. Hero Cults
07. Transsubstance
08. Hexagony
09. Wrists
10. Luminous Horizon

[Listenable Records | 11/15/10]

2010 is apparently Hate‘s 20th anniversary as a band and while it was thought that the band would be forced to forever remain in the gargantuan shadows cast by other Polish heavyweights such as Behemoth, Decapitated and Vader, Erebos hints at their ability to hold their own against the world combined.

Normally, bands in this situation would evolve by introducing new ideas and dynamics to their sound, however, Hate have taken another route and aimed more for refining and honing the sound displayed on earlier albums. For instance, 2008’s Morphosis was a good, but unfortunately forgettable, album that displayed a greater emphasis on writing memorable songs; the sound of Erebos is not a million miles away from this but it just feels far more intense, far more abrasive and far more right.

Starting off with the obligatory ‘Fight Fire With Fire’-esque introduction that stays a little past it’s welcome, Erebos gets off to an iffy start, however all doubts are quickly dismissed as the rolling thunder tom-tom attack of “Lux Aeterna” enters and rages on, before giving way to the unmerciful title track. The title track, unsurprisingly, sums up the whole album quite well, it’s a lot like a punch straight in the face; crushing, hate-filled and truly memorable.

All those characteristics are there all the way through; the jack hammer drums, the guttural vocals and abrasive guitars all smothered in a sleek production, however the moments that really shine are when Hate let up on the tempo a bit to let the riffs breath. The rhythmic swagger of “Quintessence Of Higher Suffering” and the penultimate track ‘Wrists‘ are highlights of the album with drummer Hexen locking in amazingly tight with the guitar lines. Showing that sometimes the most extreme moments of an album need not be the fastest.

I would say that at this moment in time, Hate are in a very strong position, with Nergal unfortunately out of action (hopefully not for long) it seems that world needs it’s fill of technically proficient Polish death metal, and who better to provide that fix than a band who have quite obviously never been better? If there was any justice in the world, this will be the album that gives Adam The First Sinner and Co. the recognition they deserve because this is the best version of Demigod you’ve never heard.

Hate – Erebos gets…


– DL


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