Deftones have been popping up everywhere since their magnificent comeback in Diamond Eyes last year. Deftones have always been such an influential band to many genres, anywhere from hip hop to heavy metal, Deftones have their fingers in a lot of pies. Case in point: their upcoming tour with Dillinger Escape Plan proves that Deftones no doubt have the freedom to tour with pretty much anyone they want and still pull a huge crowd of fans. Having such a diverse fanbase is something few bands can accomplish.

And with that diverse fan base comes musicians from varying backgrounds. Take for example, these three covers that span a few genres. First up, the more obvious cover; War From A Harlot’s Mouth covering “Hexagram” from Deftones’ self titled album. The cover appeared on the bands iTunes exclusive deluxe version of their latest album MMX. Spot on delivery!


Next is an acoustic cover of “Beware” from Saturday Night Wrist performed by At Night We Strike (Oh, Sleeper’s bassist Lucas Starr and his gal Hannah Cook). It’s a pretty good take on the song, and the female voice suits the ambient sound quite well!


Finally, saving what I feel is the best for last, indie soul band Bad Rabbits covered “Sextape” from Diamond Eyes. Apparently, the band are huge fans of Deftones, with Chino joining them in the studio last year to play guitar. Like I said earlier, they’ve got broad appeal.


I actually like this better than the original, I think. I love Chino’s voice and think he’s great for what Deftones do, but for this song, a cleaner voice like this is what makes the cover so great. You can check out more of Bad Rabbit’s stuff (for free!) here.

There you have it. Good job, everyone! This should tide everyone over before Greg Puciato inevitably joins them on stage this year for “Passenger”, eh?

– JR


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