New Jersey’s favourite technical grindcore experts, Gridlink (which contains ex- and current members of Discordance Axis, Kill The Client and Human Remains) have recently uploaded a new song “Scopedog” to their Myspace page. Well, I say recently because according to an account on Last.FM that is pretty certainly maybe Jon Chang (of Discordance Axis) himself, this was uploaded two weeks ago and will only stay up for a limited amount of time. So get in there while you can!

The new track comes from upcoming 2011 album Orphan which is due to be released sometime in February on Hydra Head Records. Details on the album are scarce, however, it is known that the vinyl release will contain Orphan on the A side and 2008’s debut album Amber Gray on side B. It is assumed that the new album will be another short, sharp shock of grindcore madness.

Enjoy a preview video dating from at least midway through last year, better late than never! Definitely one of my most anticipated albums of 2011.


– DL

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