The King is Fat’n’Old

01. Double Yeah
02. Twice The Price
03. Jade’s Place
04. Neverending Mary
05. Back Door Epoque
06. Smell You Later Fishy Bitch
07. Collateral Pleasure
08. Home Made Chili Delicious Italian Beef
09. Tip of the Day
10. Panda Vs. Koala
11. Wayout
12. Back Door Reprise

[Coroner Records | 10/04/10]

So my top 20 albums have been posted. A pretty fair list, I should say. Now it’s time for me to sulk on albums I didn’t discover and, in turn, wish I was able to get the opportunity to place on the list. Especially when the band is as high a caliber as Destrage, and the album as high a caliber as The King is Fat’N’Old, their sophomore effort. Destrage is an Italian progressive rock/metal band  signed to Coroner Records. I had just discovered this after I had written my list, and I have to say, this is now probably my #3 record of 2010.

“Double Yeah” leads off the album, in what has to be one of the catchiest opening to an album I have ever heard.  They surely don’t waste any of your time.  You’re bobbing your head in an instant to the impressive guitar playing of Matteo Di Gioia and Ralph Salati, the thunderous bass of Gabriel Pignata, and the absolutely monsterous drumming of Federico Paulovich, who singlehandedly sets different moods in the songs with his drumming.  After the intro of the song, the song changes feels suddenly, showing their progressive side.  You are next greeted by the voice of Paolo Covolope.  His myriad styles of screams are very impressive, able to switch between styles of screams, yells, and growls in an instant.  The chorus also shows his ability to sing, and sing quite well, might I add.  He shows his considerable range through the album.  It’s obvious the talent is strong with this one.

“Twice the Price” opens with a obviously Spanish-influenced acoustic intro.  This leads into a rhythmically intense section/verse.  Breakdowns are in this song, but are fused extremely well with the song, adding suspense and energy. “Jade’s Place” is next, which is the most sounding “rock” song on the album.  This song has to be one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. Everything on this song is infectious.  This song also has a guest guitar solo by Freak Kitchen‘s own Mathias Ekklundh.  As you expect from Mathias, it’s weird as fuck, but blends well.

“Neverending Mary” showcases the groups ability to be more melodic, especially during the chorus, with Paolo beautifully singing, and the bridge, where one of the guitarists has a beautiful and technically deft solo.  Watch the video for this song below.


I could go on with all of the tracks, but I feel I don’t need to.  All of the tracks show mind-blowing talent. The songwriting is fucking brilliant, top notch stuff.  Each track has it’s own mood and style, whilst remaining completely catchy. In fact, I’ve never bobbed my head/headbanged so much at an album.  The only thing that affects this album negatively is that the snare is occasionally too high in the mix, but this doesn’t affect me in any way.  If you haven’t heard of Destrage, pick up this album. Now. You will not be disappointed.

Destrage‘s The King is Fat’N’Old gets:


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