So here were are chums; back for another twelve months of heavy hilarity – never more prevalent than here; your favourite column of British bastards thrashing guitars and pounding the shit out of some unwitting drumkits. Missing nary a beat, we return for the first column of the year with the mighty Maths.

Hailing from somewhere in the south-east, they certainly do both of these, peddling a brand of emotional hardcore in the vein of Orchid and pg.99. Notably, they also released a split in 2008 with the recently defunct Throats, and it’s a close margin of quality between the two.

The following live track, ‘Guarded‘, is taken from their 2009 album Descent. The follow-up, Ascent, is due for release later this month. If you’re so inclined, get down to the release show at The Unicorn in Camden on January 21st – it’s free!


As ever, see you on Thursday folks.

– CG


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