Happy New Year, folks! Hope everyone had a fun time and stayed safe. We took it a bit easier last week, but we hope to make up for it this week, aiming to have a review ready every weekday until resources are tapped out!

I’ll take this time to announce that we have two new writers on board! I’d like to welcome Wayne and Damien to the HBIH ranks! Keep your eyes peeled for them; they’ll make their appearances shortly. This gives us 11 currently active writers/contributors. We hope to grow in the coming year and make the site better. Any advice or recommendations you’re willing to give will not fall on deaf ears!

Now as for new releases, the slow season in terms of releases still hasn’t passed. Here’s what we’ve got:

Skin Culture – The Earth Spits (Stand And Deliver)
Keith Merrow – Awaken the Stone King

Hope you folks have a good week!

– JR

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