You could practically hear the SQUEEEE when The Human Abstract’s founding guitarist A.J. Minette came back for the recording of their upcoming album Digital Veil. After his departure in 2007, a noticeable drop in quality was seen in their second album Midheaven. If their recent single “Faust” is any indication, A.J. was the driving force behind their sound and that his return is putting them back on track.

But still, just because A.J. was back in the studio doesn’t necessarily mean that he was ready to tour, considering he was pursuing an education in music. Fear not, THA says. A.J. plans on taking off to tour!

Excitement. Excitement everywhere. The dates have been booked, so an announcement will be made soon enough!

Digital Veil will be out on Hopeless Records early this year, with the exact date to be announced. After the jump, listen to the single “Faust” as well as an album sampler!

– JR



This will be glorious.


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