On February 15, 2011 in North America (February 21 internationally), Death’s seventh and final album, The Sound Of Perseverance will be reissued with all new artwork. This album is the first in a series of official reissues from legendary metal band Death. The album has been remastered and will also include a second disc of previously unreleased demo material. Original cover artist, Travis Smith will be enhancing the album artwork, as well as liner notes from Death guitarist Shannon Hamm and photographs from “The Sound Of Perseverance” era.


The Sound Of Perseverance


The Sound Of Perseverance original

And if that’s not enough for you Death fanatics, there will also be a special deluxe version of the The Sound Of Perseverance, which includes a third bonus disc of unreleased material, available exclusively through the Relapse mailorder and iTunes. I’m a big fan of Death and this being one of my favorite album of theirs (then again, I love all of their work), it’s cool to see these albums get remastered along with a whole mess of extras. I’m sure the demo material alone will get people most excited. Details and pre-order options will be announced soon…


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