It has just been announced that Oh, Sleeper will be entering the studio on February 21 to start recording their newest album, which has yet to receive a name but should be out sometime next summer. Oh, Sleeper are a christian metal band, and the sad truth is that most christian metal bands suck. I do believe that there are a handful of exceptions though, and I count Oh, Sleeper as my personal favorite among them.

Random fact I’ll bet you didn’t know: Oh, Sleeper guitarist Shane Blay was a member of Between The Buried And Me during the Alaska era, until he left and was replaced by Dustie Waring. Interesting huh? Anyways, I had the pleasure of seeing them play live earlier this month and they put on a fantastic show. Judging from that in addition to how awesome their most recent album Son Of The Morning was, I have to say that this is already one of my most anticipated 2011 releases! Check them out on myspace, and keep an eye out for any more info on this upcoming release.



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