It’s been a big year for Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Although we’ve been around for over eighteen months (Baron Jimmy von Kentuckyville actually started the site back in May 2009 with his butler Mitchell), this is the first whole year that we’ve been in operation, and it’s been one hell of a ride.

With this mighty accomplishment in hand, and considering it is the season of restrospect, we sat around the fire and reminisced about the twelves months that made up 2010. Here are the highlights and lowlights; the lols and the trolls; the accomplishments and a bunch of numbers which, thanks to a lethal cocktail of mulled wine and egg nog, are looking pretty blurry. Damn math; coming to my country, sleeping with our women!

All the year’s happenings after the jump!

Back in January we pissed off Enfold Darkness something fierce, and learned that Mitch likes to suck PP.

Hilarity ensued when Coheed & Cambria‘s fan forum got hold of our review of Year of the Black Rainbow.

In mid-summer Jimmy argued with himself about the five reasons why deathcore is and isn’t total shit. This prompted our busiest day on Tuesday July 27th with 4,822 views when All Shall Perish – the top of the latter list – got hold of the article and posted a link on their Facebook page, prompting a deluge of their fans. The comments section alone is worth checking out for the lols. We learned from this that telling people when we feature them will spike our views, which is always a good thing.

We reviewed a grand total of 123 albums and EPs. That said, we were well shit with the shit-ton of stuff we got sent – we’ll try to do better next year! Please keep sending us stuff!

Of these, we gave seventeen full marks. This might seem excessive, but there are a lot of us, and it has been a fantastic year for heavy music. NAILSUnsilent Death was somewhat surprisingly our most popular review, given all the major-label records that came out this year – I guess you guys like your super-violent hardcore, and you like it in short bursts. Bless your blackened little hearts!

We interviewed twenty fantastic musicians:

We ran a whopping(?!) three competitions – we gave away four pairs of tickets for Mayhem Festival to Glenn Burnham, Mark Hawkins, Josh Loera, and Andre Dowden. Zakk Angel got himself a copy of Heaven and Hell‘s Neon Lights: Live in Europe DVD, and we’re in the process of flogging on eBay sorting through entries for tickets to see British metal legend/weirdo Ozzy Osbourne in San Jose. This may not seem like much, but it shows that people in the business are becoming aware of the site, which is super exciting for us and means potentially more competitions in the future!

We had lots of inter-blog rumpy-pumpy with The Number of the Blog and HookInMouth.

Related to this, Jimmy, Mitch and I took part in a seven awesome podcasts in conjunction with The Number of the Blog. We reckon about zero of you not on the writing staff cared to listen. Give them a go in the new year – there are loads more to come, and they’re good fun and totally on topic, we promise!

We started a number of columns that drop more regularly than your prune-gobbling grandma, including:

We gained thirteen new writers (myself included), and only managed to scare off six of them which, considering the awesome space/time-warping capabilities of our collective ugly mugs, is quite a result! We also went trans-international, with two writers (myself included) based in the UK.

We dropped a whole bunch of free downloads on yo’ ass, and you didn’t once thank us, you ungrateful curs! Well, you might have; I’m just not trawling the comments to find examples.

We got down with the kids (steady now) and joined Facebook, Twitter and

We were rather indecisive and changed our site design three times. Two of these have merely been colour changes: the current layout started on turquoise; we then went purple for our homosexual brothers and sisters when some homophobic fucktards’ bullying caused a spate of suicides; and we’ve now settled on a groovy blue. I personally love it, and we’ll be going super++ pro sometime in the new year with an even better updated layout.

Unfortunately we lost a lot of friends; a few quite tragically.

  • Ronnie James Dio (Heaven and Hell)
  • Peter Steele (Type O-Negative)
  • Paul Gray (Slipknot)
  • Makh Daniels (Early Graves)
  • Trevor Fleming (Sweet Savage)
  • Armando Acosta (Saint Vitus)
  • Steve Lee (Gotthard)
  • It’s also just over a year to the day that Avenged Sevenfold‘s Jimmy ‘The Rev’ Sullivan lost his life – December 28th to be exact.

All is not lost though. We’re still holding out hope for Behemoth frontman Nergal to overcome leukemia, and for Deftones bassist Chi Cheng to make a full recovery from his coma. The power of metal compels you!

More stats: in January we averaged 1670 views. We more than doubled that by February, then again in March, and by April we had a steady readship of about 19,000 a month. We haven’t failed to hit 30,000 since July, and we’re now almost averaging the whole of January’s views every day! We’re pretty proud of this fact – we’ve worked damn hard to keep you guys informed of what’s going on, so thanks for coming back and keeping us in our penny sweets and tuppence comics. In all seriousness, we’d love to do this for a living, but until we get even halfway-close to the kind of readership sites like Metalsucks get, we’ll have to keep our day jobs. Until then, we’re happy to keep doing what we do, and we’ve got some new features lined up for the new year – so go tell your friends (even the scene and indie – no-one is beyond saving!) how awesome we are.

Finally, overall we made a grand total of ONE THOUSAND AND TWENTY posts. Breaking a thousand, if only just, is a massive achievement. I reckon we can easily top that next year – check back at the end of next year to see if we were up to the challenge!


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