We’ve been wanting to diversify for a little while and expand or focus towards more black and death metal, and with the new year coming, we want to grow and improve, so here’s the story!

When we first started out in early 2009, it was just me and my good friend Mitch (Dethcaek.) I’d focus on more -core and prog type of stuff, and he’d focus on death and black metal; that sort of thing. It was supposed to be balanced and we’d have our specialties. Over time, he started posting less and less, as he’s still in school and kinda busy. When I advertised on the site for more writers, the people who responded ended up having similar taste as me. It figures, as I posted the most and a site gets readers based on the content.

So now we have very little focus on more of the extreme side of heavy music, and we’d like to fix that. If anyone out there thinks they’re a competent enough writer and takes an interest in more death and black metal, then we’d love to have you on board! We’re a non-paying hobby site (the ads are there as to make the site self-sufficient), but writing for us does have perks. I can get try to get you access to albums before they come out (we get promos from Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Metal Blade, and Season of Mist), I can get you some interviews, and I can maybe get you press passes to some shows if we’re lucky.

You wouldn’t have to write a massive amount, just pop in a few times a week for news, editorials/opinions, and reviews. So, any takers? Just send an email ([email protected]) with an attached review (or another similar writing sample) and a link to your last.fm account if you have one if you feel like this is something you’d like to take part in.

Thanks for your time, guys!

– JR

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Editor and founder of Heavy Blog Is Heavy. Social worker. Only doing this bio because of internal pressure to comply.

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