Come on; that joke was fucking obvious.

Props to  The Number of the Blog newbie Reilig for picking this one up. Info on a new Neurosis album in the works camefrom an interview with frontman Scott Kelly posted over the weekend at drop-d, block quoted as follows:

Drop-d: What are Neurosis’ plans for the next album? What can you reveal?
A lot of it is written. Most of it isn’t finished. We played two new songs in the UK. We’ve got another 45 minutes worth of stuff to complete. Two days after I get home we’re going to zero in on some of the details and other ideas we have to try to get things to a final demo stage. Once we’ve got it to that, we’ll simmer on it for a couple of months, probably. Listen and think and re-think and make sure everything feels right, at the first opportunity we get to be all in the studio together. It could take conceivably a year to do it. The main thing is that it’s got to be right.

Check out the whole interview if you get a moment: it gives some info on Kelly’s side projects and a run-down of some recent live shows.

Reilig also spotted this video of a new song being played live. Can’t wait myself!


– CG


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