I didn’t discover Canada’s Starring Janet Leigh until after my mathcore phase had been reaching a decline. Even at that point, I found them to be very interesting; more intense than Dillinger Escape Plan yet not annoying like Psyopus were. They didn’t hit my radar until The Number Twelve Looks Like You disbanded and their phenomenal drummer Jon Karel joined the SJL lineup. Not long after, there was word of new material in the works. This was towards the end of last year/beginning of this year.

Then fuck all happened in 2010 from this band. Now there’s an explanation: they’re calling it quits—I guess? I bet you’re wondering, “why the uncertainty in your tone, Jimmy? A break up is a break up!” Not if the official statement has anything to do with it:

“Due to recent member changes and a drastic shift in our sound, we decided it was only fair that Starring Janet Leigh go out in style with one last kick at the can through our homeland. There are a lot of bands out there that keep the same name when they are clearly no longer the same band, and we’ve decided to take a different route than that. We all love what we did with Starring Janet Leigh over the years and are sincerely going to miss it. The new album in the making is taking a very different direction than the previous release, but we’re sure fans of Starring Janet Leigh and fans of progressive metal will love it! Thanks to everyone who supported Starring Janet Leigh the years, it means the world to us. Be sure to make it out to one of the final shows if you can, this tour is gonna be a BANGER!”

So they’re breaking up, but they’re going to be together in a new band with a different sound? Everyone else reporting says they’re breaking up, which implies the group will be going their separate ways rather than undergoing a name change. Maybe I’m overthinking the semantics here.

The band will be embarking on one last tour under the name (and sound?) of Starring Janet Leigh before moving on. Tour dates are below:

January 6 – Hamilton, ON @ Absinthe
January 7 – Guelph, ON @ Van Gogh’s Ear
January 8 – Windsor, ON @ Coach & Horse
January 9 – Brantford, ON @ the Alex
January 11 – Mississauga, ON @ Marcello’s
January 12 – London, ON @ Music Hall Lounge
January 13 – Sarnia, ON @ the Stubborn Mule
January 14 – Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee’s
January 15 – Montreal, QC @ L’Inco

We’ll see what comes out of the SJL camp, as I’m a fan of Jon Karel. We’ll tell you when we figure it out!

– JR


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