Self-proclaimed Australian melo-death premier act Universum are streaming their new album Mortuus Machina in its entirey on Myspace! Check it out right here.

Just kidding. They’re streaming minute and a half long previews. Oh, there’s more. Check out this steaming pile of lies over on their website:

We are now streaming the album via our MySpace site for you all to check out! Enjoy!

Y’know, it’s a bit of a dick move to stream previews when you claim you’re streaming the whole album. Especially when it’s the 2nd to last album of 2010 I’m looking forward to (Amogh Symphony, anyone?). Especially when iTunes and Amazon keep rejecting my fucking credit card for no reason. ESPECIALLY WHEN CHRISTIAN ALVESTAM, LORD AND SAVIOR OF ALL THAT IS VOCAL, IS ON LIKE 3 TRACKS. But I suppose if you’re really interested in hearing samples long enough to illegal on the basis of teasing, you can listen to them on the link provided above.

Mortuus Machina is out now and I can’t listen to it. Fuck you, iTunes. Fuck you, Amazon.



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