Unofficial album art created by fan BarbarianGeek.

Deathmole, our favorite fictional post-metal band has completed work on their new album, Absent Gods & Creatures Fowl, and it is available for free download. I had the pleasure of interviewing Deathmole guitarist Marten Reed (?!) earlier this year. The dude, while sheepish in nature, is actually pretty cool and down to Earth.

In reality though, Deathmole is the project of Jeph Jacques, the creator of the extremely popular webcomic Questionable Content, which Marten is a part of. Jeph recently finished work on this new collection of songs, taking on a heavier and darker influence. Jeph comments, “[It’s] less Isisy, more aggressive, darker overall. I’m getting better at guitar.”

On his Tumblr page, Jeph releases songs as he finishes them. He describes “Black Gardens” as “Black metal [with] weird jazzy bits” and “Kraken, Rising” as “pretty droney towards the end.” This growth definitely shows. You can stream and download the album below in all of its glory.

Note: Please wait for the page to finish loading to click on the songs. A player should appear to allow in-page streaming.

01. Gorgon Eyes

02. Argonaut

03. Cyclops

04. Harpies

05. Fifty Goddamned Skeleton Warriors

06. Black Gardens

06. Kraken, Rising

This is the last great album of 2010, so give it a listen! You can download a .zip archive of the album by clicking here. Make sure you check out Questionable Content. It’s not particularly metal (it does have its moments), but it is one of the best webcomics around.

– JR

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