Okay, so they were never the heaviest band, and a lot of you probably don’t care, but it might be noteworthy for a couple of you that Finch have split up; this time for good. They played the old ‘indefinite hiatus’ trick back in 2006, yet managed the rare feat of actually coming back and making new music rather than raping their old material.

I actually rate them pretty highly, for what they were. I didn’t like their first album, but Say Hello To Sunshine was a quality record, and the self-titled EP that came about after their reunion has some great tunes on it.


Anyway, they posted this open letter:

“Dear Finch fans,

From the beginning what’s always made up the sound of Finch was our ability to take our individual influences, no matter how different, and write music together that stands on it’s own. A tense balancing act on a loose wire where we have had success crossing and also lost balance to fall and be broken. Over the past few years we have collectively gone insane trying to achieve the common goal of writing our new record. It’s become obvious to all of us that the thing that made Finch such a special band to be in, was also the key ingredient that was tearing us apart. As we get older and broaden our musical pallets, we are all on separate planets drifting further and further out of orbit. Finch is our sun, it has given us everything that we have. This year our sun imploded. Although we travel through darkness. It’s comforting to know that we are all still friends. Together floating in the unknown.

We want to thank you for your undying love and support of our band. Without you, accomplishing our wildest dreams would not have been possible. We apologize deeply for letting you down. Please forgive us and please keep listening to Finch.”

A couple of tunes they had mastered for the third album are available on their bandcamp page here for a couple of bucks.

So…yeah, there we have it; another one for this year’s split-up pile.

– CG

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