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I mirror the sentiments made by The World’s Most Interesting Man In The World; black metal isn’t really my thing. I do dabble though, and one of my favorite black metal bands at the moment is Deafheaven. Earlier this year, they released their demo, which you can purchase right here for 10 cents (or more, if you’re not a terrible person.)

With the demo sounding good, my eyes have been on them for news of a proper full length debut. It wasn’t too long after they blew up online that they were picked up by Jacob Bannon’s label Deathwish Inc and announced their debut album for 2011!

Here’s the short version of the press release, which describes the band’s sound and gives some detail on the upcoming album:

Deafheaven are a genre defying aggressive band from San Francisco, CA. Their hybrid musical approach is outright stunning. A melding of epic Post Rock leanings (Envy, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) with experimental Black Metal (Xasthur, Weakling, Leviathan), and classic era “Screamo” (Orchid, Crimson Curse) into something never successfully experienced before.

Deafheaven will soon enter the studio to record their new album titled “Roads to Judah” with Jack Shirley (Funeral Diner, Loma Prieta). This highly anticipated album will be released on Deathwish in 2011.

Did you get that? Roads to Judah will be out on Deathwish Inc. in early 2011! Keep up with Deafheaven on Facebook for news and updates.

– JR

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