You ‘eard. This is a coup for 2011, which is going to have to pull some pretty hefty strings to live up to 2010.

As reported by, Beecher – the guys responsible for some of the best British hardcore of the 21st century, including the fantastic This Elegy, His Autopsy – are reforming, and are planning to play a few UK dates in spring-time. The statement for the band came as follows:

“Summer 2011 sees the 10 year anniversary of the start of Beecher. We disbanded suddenly, during our most active period, playing just one ‘goodbye’ gig, at which more than 100 fans of the band were rejected at the doors of the already over-capacity venue. Having had five years of reflection time, and considering the aforementioned fact that our 10th birthday is fast-approaching, we have decided to reform, playing a handful of shows over the course of 2011. The first of which will take place on April 29th at the Star & Garter, in our hometown of Manchester. The rest are as-of-yet unconfirmed. Not only are we excited to do this for ourselves, but we’re also keen that any Beecher fans that didn’t manage see us at the time, get the opportunity to witness what we do best!”

Bassist David Hopkinson also had this to say:

“We’ve been jamming for a month now-obviously after five years a bit of rust has appeared, but the fingers are up to speed again,” he said. “We’ve already blown two amps- so we’re as heavy as ever, but hopefully not cursed! Since we last played together, Ed [Godby, vocals] has moved to Belgium, and whilst it’s odd jamming without at Ed at the moment, he’ll be coming over to practice in the new year. The scene has changed a lot since we split; I’d like to think we paved the way for some of the British bands that are doing well at present, such as Architects.”

Manchester: get ready. Rest of the country: wait your turn; it’s coming!

You may recall me featuring these guys in Best of British last month – but I’m not gonna make you click through if you don’t want to (although you definitely should). Here’s the track ‘Function! Function!‘. Enjoy!


Hail Satan!

– CG


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