When it comes to deathcore, there’s a handful that does it right. Arsonists Get All The Girls, despite their silly name, are one of these bands that combine the deathcore style with experimental and progressive aspects to make something at least half-way unique in delivery. In fact, Portals was one of my favorites of 2009 (behind BTBAM and Devin Townsend Project of course).

AGATG are sitting on a new album and preparing to hit the studio to track what will sure to be a HBIH chart-topper for 2011. Check out the press release:

California’s purveyors of both metal fury and fun ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS are set to head into the studio and are recording their new album with Zack Ohren at Castle Ultimate. The as-yet-untitled will be their third slab of craziness for Century Media and fourth overall but, this time, vocalist Jared Monnette says the band is developing a brand new sound:

“This record is packed with a metric shit-ton of different sounds, directions, and styles. We’ve really tried to incorporate a new sound while keeping the important elements of AGATG, while letting the past year and half’s experience and stories of tour steer the rest of the album. We’ve been through quite a bit in the recent year, and it’s almost impossible to not incorporate all of our travel tales into the new sound. Every song has something special to offer, or a new story to tell that allows anyone listening a temporary escape. If its not the first song that you’ll enjoy, then it will be the next. We’ve taken the next step in progressing our music, and it may be the first into a full sprint.”

ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS expect to have the new LP ready for a mid-2011 release and, as always, will be touring heavily in support of the record. Stay tuned for more from the band and get ready to have your faces smashed!

Well, I am now excited. Hopefully they pull out a proggier approach than Portals, which was full of off-time frenzy and genre experimentation.

Here’s the title track from Portals. It is glorious.


– JR


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