We’ve got a bit of a reputation around the blogosphere for having our heads stuck up Misha Mansoor’s butthole. Whatever; it’s cool. Progressive djent wankery-type stuff is our bag, and we’re wearing it with pride baby. I personally have one of Alex Bois’s guitars hidden in mine (disclaimer: not really).

So it figures that something like this would interest us. Our British bros got-djent.com have probed the minds of their members – those like us – and collated the data into this who’s who map of the genre. The larger and darker the circle, the more popular it is amongst members, and the circles’ proximity to one another indicates how many fans overlap.

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There are a few misnomers – bands like Veil of Maya and The Ocean obviously have no place on a map of djent – but otherwise it’s an interesting presentation. Extra nerd points are awarded for the use of charts and other sciencey-type stuff!

It would appear from this that there is a new ‘Big 4’ – however genre-specific it may be – including one of my favourites from this year, the mighty TesseracT. These guys are going from strength to strength it seems.

My main use for this tool will be checking out a bunch of the projects I’ve never heard of. Some might be jank, but a few of the smaller ones on there are pretty good. I’m sure we’ll let you know either way.

– CG

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