So far, anyway. The initial announcement reveals:

The Big Four (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax)

I’ve never listened to more than two songs consecutively by any of these bands, and neither do I want to – not even anything from their heyday Just not my thing. That’s not what makes this boring though.

Call me ig’nant, but I’m bored of hearing about them. They probably are worth seeing, sure – hell, they’ve definitely they’ve got the money to throw at some cool shit for their shows (or have they?) – but it’s now down to the principle of the thing: any shit I might have given has been drowned out by the OH DEAR GOD JUST SHUT UP ALREADY.


No big reason here. I just think they blow. Next.

Biffy Clyro

Ah, now here’s some promise. Putting 90% of their last album aside, Biffy have had a sublime career; Blackened Sky to Puzzle are all fine records. Unfortunately they’ll probably play a lot of the radio-friendly jank from Only Revolutions, so not even this sparks my excitement.

So; Sonisphere 2011 tickets for Christmas? NOPE.

– CG


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