Graham ‘Pin’ Pinney of SikTh‘s new band Aliases are running a competition for the musically gifted of you out there; more specifically for those of you able to shred like some kind of omiscient, fourth-dimensional superbeing.

All you have to do is learn and visually record yourself playing We Never Should Have Met – or parts of – and upload it to YouTube for their perusal.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Then you could win…er, something. The prize is undecided as of yet, but given the effort it’ll take to accomplish something noteworthy I’m sure they won’t stiff you. Cyclamen mastermind Hayato Imanishi is having a crack at it – think you’ve got what it takes to top him?

“My fingers are positively crackling with eldritch energy! How do I enter such an awesome competition?” I hear you ask! Glad you asked. All the info you need is available on the band’s Facebook page, or you can download the GuitarPro tabs here.

It’s running until the new year, so get your entries in soon. Something to do while the turkey’s in the oven and your grampa’s getting sauced in the living room chair and cussing the TV, right?

Looks like it could be an interesting contest. Feel free to post your entries in the comments too – maybe we’ll collate them at some point for your convenience? We’ll see how motivated we’re feeling.

– CG


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