Well hot diggity, you can! Head on over to Ultimate-Guitar.com partner, and…well, I’m sure you can figure it out from there.

The band is formed of two parts Anthrax (meh) and two parts Fall-Out Boy (lol), topped with a Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die)-shaped cherry on top. You probably knew all that, but I have to cater for the two kids from Kentucky or wherever who can’t even remember to tie their own shoelaces.

Despite a rather prolific marketing campaign, the actual release itself has managed to go completely over my head, but I’m 99% sure that now I can listen to the whole albm for free I will do, which obviously means you should too!

We may have a review at some point. We may not. Whatever.

Ironiclast is out this Tuesday 14th December.

– CG

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