I saw this idea thrown up by the ladies over at Reign In Blonde (via Metalsucks, of course), outlining a list of enjoyable songs by bands who are otherwise not all that enjoyable. I thought to myself, “Well, here’s a short gap in studying and homework and there’s fuck all in the news this late in the year, so I might as well bite at the idea.”

So here I am! And here are some songs I like by bands I don’t!

Children of Bodom – Tie My Rope


I’ve tried to get into Children of Bodom in the past, but they never really clicked for me, save for this song, “Tie My Rope,” which comes off of their last album Blooddrunk. I liked my melodic death on the side of In Flames and Soilwork around that time, so Children of Bodom’s more thrash-influenced approach didn’t do much for me, but this song has a certain catchiness and groove that drew me in. Unfortunately, the rest of the album failed to get that sort of attention from me, but I still enjoy this particular song.

Muse – Supermassive Black Hole


Despite their praise as a prog rock band, I could never get into Muse as a whole. “Knights of Cydonia” is alright, but it didn’t stick with me like this one did. This song is too damn catchy for its own good, though. That riff is infectious and the lyrics are catchy. And yes, I know this song is on the Twilight soundtrack, effectively ruining Muse with an army of Twilight fans. Regardless, this is a fun song.

Queens of the Stone Age – 3’s and 7’s


I dig Josh Homme as a person and I greatly appreciate his influence on the world of rock and metal, but for some reason, Queens of the Stone Age never stuck with me, save for “3’s and 7’s”. This song has a pretty soulful and bluesy vocal approach. The song is really upbeat, fun, and quirky, which I enjoyed immensely when I first heard it via Guitar Hero 3 some years ago. Any of you have a recommendation on where to start with this band? Let me know, because I’ve heard great things about QOTSA, despite my failed attempts to try and get into their music.

Mercenary – Embrace The Nothing


Mercenary. Never really cared for them much outside of this song. The chorus sounded too damn epic to ignore, so I downloaded the rest of the album, Architect of Lies. Unfortunately, as you’ve no doubt noticed on the rest of this post, I didn’t enjoy quite as much as I did this song. Mercenary faded out of my attention, but this song is still awesome.

Scar Symmetry – Morphogenesis


I have the exact same story for Scar Symmetry as I do Mercenary. I’m just not feeling the other songs. I should remedy this somehow, but listening to a band you find generic outside of a song or two feels a bit tedious. Do you think I should give them another shot? Tell me in the comments. Same goes for Mercenary.

Rick Astley – Lights Out


“Are you serious?”

Yes, I am. Despite this post being called “Songs I Like By Bands I Don’t,” this fits the criteria of an awesome song by an artist that is usually not that awesome. I bought this song as a joke in an internet-wide attempt at getting Rick Astley‘s newest single “Lights Out” on the Amazon top sellers list, called “Operation: Never Gonna Give Him Up.” Despite sounding like a Daughtry song, it’s super catchy in a way that “Never Gonna Give You Up” wasn’t. I ended up loving the song. Haters gonna hate.

Turn the lights out, Rick. Turn them out…

– JR


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