Stealing Axion

Stealing Axion

01. Sleepless
02. 47 Days Later
03. Mirage of Hope
04. Eventide
05. Everything or Nothing

[Self-released | 08/30/10]

Sometimes (okay, most of the time), when a band sends us their music to review it takes us a while to get around to it. Sometimes never do, for which we apologise. Best thing to do is be insistent. Like, really insistent.

Something about Stealing Axion intrigued me though. Whether it was the jazzy cover (oooh, pwetty lights!) or the polite djentleman who posted on our Facebook I couldn’t tell you, but here I am with my reviewing face on, so…

Hailing from Tacoma, Washington, Stealing Axiom are a three-piece progressive metal outfit. “Oh really,” I hear you say, “another one?” Well, how many metal bands have you heard utilise a freaking sitar? Opener ‘Sleepless‘ is the guilty party here, but what stand out is that the band doesn’t feel it necessary to exaggerate its prominence just because it’s an unusual instrument; this shows a strong level of maturiy in songwriting.

Traditional Indian instruments aside, the guys know how to handle their shit. The standard four are all wielded with proficiency, and whilst there’s not a huge amount of ground being broken here, for a band that have only been around since the beginning of the year there’s plenty on offer. I wonder if some of this is due to the lack of a dedicated drummer, but I couldn’t say for sure. Something is slightly missing, but again, it’s nothing that detracts from the high quality.

Production on the album is spot on; it sounds big and all the notes are crisper than bacon on an open flame. There’s a dark atmosphere that prevails throughout, set forth in thundering sections such as the beginning of ‘Sleepless‘ and brought back to the fore in closer ‘Everything or Nothing‘. These are handled excellently, and mark Stealing Axion as a band to watch out for in the future. I know I’ll be keeping my eye on them.

Stealing Axion’s Stealing Axion gets…


– CG


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