As sort of promised by frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt when he stated he was writing new material back in April, Opeth will indeed be releasing a new album in 2011 – although it will be towards the latter half; we’re talking a good nine months at least. Let’s hope this little Swedish metal baby lives up to the band’s impressive back catalogue.

My money is still on some sort of death-metal take on becoming an old man: Toolshed? Missed Deliverance By The Pöstman Because I Was Åt The Böttom Öf The Garden? Feeding The Ducks At Blackwater Park? I digress, and will quit with the terrible jokes commencing…now.

*coughCan’t Get A Morningrise Anymorecough*

Sorry, sorry. Anyway, the band will hit the studio at the end of January. I for one will be looking forward to this very much. Dudes are wicked-talented. As ever, more info when we have it!

– CG


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