Ever in the Christmas spirit, the lovely chaps in Iron Thrones have offered up a live recording of ‘…And The Sky Came Falling Down‘ – the closing track from this year’s stunning The Wretched Sun – tracked on their recent East Coast tour with Hero Destroyed.

You can listen to that shit below, or better – so that they know how much you love them – you can download it, wrap it up, and give it to your media player of choice as an early present. Innat noice? It is free, but there is the option to reciprocate the kind gesture and make a donation, which should help the process of touring and writing new material.

Speaking of which, a super secret source (okay, their Myspace) has told me they are hunkering down against the cold Minnesota winter and doing just that. Huzzah!

It’s not a super Christmassy tune, but it’ll make your chest hairier than Mrs. Claus’s quim. Grrrrrrrrrowler!

– CG

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