Last night I was lucky enough to catch Darkest Hour’s Legacy Tour here in Mesa, Arizona. The show was great. In quick summary, Revocation opened and sounded great live, but I had not heard of them prior and they didn’t really hold my interest due to the vocals. The instruments were good though, and at times I found myself headbanging to some nice riffs. They also blew the front two monitors, which somehow Periphery played through and managed to sound fantastic. Unfortunately Veil of Maya and Darkest Hour’s song lists were bastardized and distorted sounded. Luckily my show experience was not ruined though because I’ve spun The Common Man’s Collapse, id, Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation, Undoing Ruin, and Deliver Us to death and could easily follow along. Both Veil of Maya and Darkest Hour played nice varied sets, and maintained a strong energetic performance for the crowd despite the sound quality.

The highlight of the show for me though was undoubtedly Periphery. I’m one of those people who thought their self-titled album was fucking flawless, Spencer’s vocals included. On that point, Spencer’s vocals sounded great live too. I payed particularly close critical attention to his high’s and he hit them fluidly without breaks. Their whole set gave me chills to listen to live, but two songs stood out. The first being an instrumental that isn’t on their recorded album, and I’m quite sure they just play it to open their set with. This thing just sounded like pure progressive riffy evil and I wish it was included on their self-titled.

The second was a new song off their upcoming EP, which for the life of me I can’t remember the title of. At knee-jerk reaction, I want to say this thing instrumentally sounded something akin to the grooviness of Fellsilent on crack. As for the vocals, Spencer seems to be experimenting with more growls and a slight difference in style for cleans. All in all, new Periphery is fucking tasty, and I’m certain their EP will not disappoint.

– PC

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