Holy crap! This week, we take a step into the month of December, a time of unbearable cold, presents, beards, and festivities. Unfortunately, the world of metal releases grinds to a near halt.

Case in point: here’s all we have this week.

Affiance – No Secret Revealed (Bullet Tooth)
Kings Destroy – And The Rest Will Surely Perish (Maple Forum)
Living Sacrifice – The Infinite Order Deluxe Edition (Solid State)

Absolute fuck all. Oh well, as long as it gives me less work to do.

Speaking of less work to do, I woke up this morning expecting to fill in a couple of news items for the day, but Chris, my brother from another motherland, has lined up a usual day of news by himself (as I’m writing of course—someone could come in behind me and add something else).

Coming from a guy who was up till 7 AM and falling asleep while we recording our blogcast this weekend, this is a feat indeed! Bless that beautiful British bastard!

A little alliteration to start the day. Wonderful. Have a good one!

– JR

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