The Here and Now, Architects‘ forthcoming album, has been given an official release date: January 24th in Europe, 25th in North America on Century Media Records. This is slightly sooner than I though, but I’m not actually that excited at the moment, having been turned off firstly by the promo track they posted (talk about a significant turn-around in musical aesthetics), and secondly by the news that the whole album would reportedly be like this. Still, they’ve made some good stuff so far, so I’m not going to write it off until I’ve heard it.

As is now spectacularly commonplace, the band have begun a webisode series leading up to the release. Part one will come into view if thou scrollest down’ards.


Someone needs to fix the levels on that video; Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid, lol) sounds way too quiet in comparison to the music.

No doubt we’ll post the rest of these as and when they become available.

– CG

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